Cleanser & 1/2 Cloth Set

  • Cleanser & 1/2 Cloth Set
  • Cleanser & 1/2 Cloth Set
  • Cleanser & 1/2 Cloth Set




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Product Description

Cleanse. Remove Makeup. Hydrate. Tone. Exfoliate. EVE LOM believes the perfect cleanse is the first step in achieving radiant skin. For over 30 years, the original Cleanser has become an iconic, cult favorite. A multi-benefit, 5-in-1 product, the indulgent balm Cleanser deeply cleanses and melts away traces of makeup, including waterproof. A signature blend of botanical oils – Eucalyptus, Clove, Egyptian Chamomile, and Hops help to cleanse, moisturise, and soothe skin. The specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth gently exfoliates and promotes microcirculation, to reveal a visibly brighter complexion. Skin is simply radiant and hydrated up to 12 hours after use.

Usage Instructions

With dry hands, apply one small scoop of the Cleanser onto dry face and gently massage with various degrees of pressure to encourage lymphatic drainage. This gesture also warms the botanical oils and enhances their aromatic properties.
Fold the Muslin Cloth and dampen with preferred temperature of warm water; wring out excess. Place the warm Cloth on the face and allow the heat to open the pores. Feel the rich balm texture melt into your skin.
Use the Muslin Cloth to remove the Cleanser through a series of circular motions, effortlessly wiping away dirt and makeup, while also exfoliating the skin with the specially woven texture of the Muslin Cloth. When complete, rinse the Cloth with cool water and apply onto skin to close pores.

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